Commercial & Residential
We offer annual lawn care and landscape maintenance contracts for both commercial and residential properties. Our goal is to maintain your landscape and lawn at its very best without you having to worry about it. Our maintenance program is one of the most comprehensive offered in the Atlanta area.

Crescent Ridge Landscapes, LLC. provides professional, dependable, and competitively priced landscape maintenance for homeowners, business owners and property managers of commercial real estate while providing each one with the personal attention they deserve. With each satisfied customer, we enhance our reputation for creativity, professionalism, dependability, and our bend over backward service. That is why we would love to make you another one of our satisfied customers.

Landscape and lawn maintenance contracts allow our customers to receive several benefits:

Priority Service :: Contract customers receive priority service over non-contract customers.
Planned Maintenance :: You will no longer have to worry about when is the right time to prune, mow, etc. We will come to your property and take care of your lawn and landscape at the right time and provide you with our expert opinion.
Monthly Invoices :: Contract customers receive one monthly bill at the 1st of each month detailing the services provided. Additional services not covered in the contract are billed separately.
Maintenance Schedule :: We provide each of our contract customers with a schedule of services that they can expect to be performed at their property throughout the year. This schedule details exactly how we will maintain their property.

If you're ready for a landscape maintenance proposal, please take a moment to schedule an appointment by phone or e-mail. You can choose to have the proposal left at your home or office, or a company representative will be happy to meet with you personally-which should only take 10-20 minutes of your time.
Our Maintenance Services:
Professional Lawn Maintenance
Fertilization & Weed Control
Core Aeration
Pine Straw / Mulch Installation
Ornamental Pruning / Limb Removal
Seasonal Color
Fall Leaf Removal / Spring Clean-Up

Our Lawn Care Program offers what we believe to be the most effective and affordable plan in Georgia, providing ongoing Fertilization and Weed Control. The program is designed specifically for your turf, no matter what conditions and challenges your lawn may offer.

"We use licensed subcontractors when required"

Round 1 – Late Winter: FEBRUARY through MARCH
Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
This application contains balanced fertilizer, broad leaf weed control, and pre-emergent weed control. This application and Round 2 are overall great "Lawn Clean-up" applications.

Round 2 – Early Spring: MARCH through APRIL
Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
This application contains balanced fertilization, iron, broad leaf weed control, and pre-emergent weed control.

Round 3 – Spring: MAY through JUNE
Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
This application is specialized in order to meet weather conditions. A liquid balanced fertilizer may be replaced with a granular fertilizer in order to achieve desired results. Spot weed control as needed.

Round 4 – Summer: JULY through AUGUST
Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
This fertilization application is a granular slow release fertilizer in order to slow-feed the lawn. Spot weed control as needed. Now is the time for "Grassy Weed" eradication in order to prepare for fall seeding plans.

Round 5 – Fall: SEPTEMBER through OCTOBER
This is the best time of the year to build the turf through over seeding, and aeration and seeding. This application of Fertilizer will be specifically designed in order to coordinate with Fall seeding. Weeds should be minimal at this point if all rounds were in your program.

Round 6 – Early Winter: NOVEMBER through DECEMBER
Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
This is also a very specialized application. Depending on turf maturity, we will apply liquid fertilizers and weed control in order to keep weeds down and turf color up. If the turf is still immature, we will apply a specialized granular fertilizer in order to improve root growth and turf color.
Crescent Ridge Landscapes' service programs continue from year to year unless you notify us to discontinue services.
Nutsedge and Virginia Creeper can only be controlled by post-emerge practices

Fertilization and Weed Control Program